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Two men – one freed slaves – one made “slaves” to a damning theory.

   In spite of such a modern contraption as “President’s Day” L many of us know that one who signed his name “A. Lincoln” was born 2/12/1809 in Kentucky. As I’ve learned more about his use of power during the “Uncivil War” (Paul Harvey) I admire his presidency less (though I can believe – regardless of his critics – that he meant well.) His pre-presidential years shine as brightly as ever and his Gettysburg Address is perhaps the greatest piece of literature ever penned by a president. He hopefully is in heaven.

    What some may not know is that across the pond on 2/12/1809 a character named Charles Darwin was born.  Though trained for the ministry he knew he could not say (as required at ordination) say he had the right relationship with the Holy Spirit & consequently was never ordained.  He rejected a proper view of God & (as with modern so-called “atheists” – a misnomer) & something HAD to take His place.  Chuck himself was aware of a weakness, “Such simple instincts as bees making a beehive could be sufficient to overthrow my whole theory.”Animals that Defy Evolution Part III.  died 4/19/1882, Down House.

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