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You have no control over how you were made,

Not the size, not the shape, not the shade.

But within every man, his child, and his mate,

(I do not lie nor exaggerate.)

There lives an eternal, hopeful, soul.

Over which you have full control.  


Because God loved you and loves you still,

He’s shared God-likeness; the free will.

You and you alone can choose,

If heaven you gain, or heaven you lose.

God made the way (it’s called the Cross).

Yet He allows you, to be your own “boss.”


Your soul can be big, as big as you desire,

It can be cold, or filled with holy fire.

Your soul can be all healthy and wise,

(It’s the real you – not your suit size)

Or, your soul can be white, it can be black

It can be pure or all soul-purity lack.


So though you wish yourself tall or short,

Or wish that you had some different sort

Of body, in which this earth to roam,

Remember the soul’s shape is yours to form.

Make it big, brother, sister, and brightly pure.

You control your eternal destiny for sure.      

                – eab, 10/4/2003

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