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“…The confession must be as public as the transgression…”

– Oswald J Smith, from his REVIVAL WE NEED

> Allow me to add, private sins should NOT have public confessions. <

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“It is when there is no revival that it is difficult to get men to enter the ministry

or to go to the mission field…”

– Oswald J Smith, from his CONSUMING FIRE

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“You can go to a seminary and learn how to preach sermons,

but you will have to go to God to get messages.”

– Oswald J Smith, from his CONSUMING FIRE

>> Got to hear him speak in person at Bible Town, spring 68 <<

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“…we are rewarded for “the deeds done in the body.” In other words

are rewarded only for what we do while we are still alive…God never

promises a reward for those who give away their money after they are dead and gone.

Why should they be rewarded for that which they cannot help doing?

– Oswald J Smith, from his book Passion for Souls

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