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P  Paul Wood Finch has turned the tassel, “Graduated” today.  

A A long time ago he started this school  Called Narrow Way

U Untold millions have done this course, of free will, not of force.              

L Learning and loving to learn, growing in Christ every day.                        


W  Would you believe in Jesus also, have Him as your Friend?                   

O Our brother’s life imitate, he’s found a fabulous “end.”

O Or let me say “beginning” (only earth-life has ending).

D Dead?  Oh, no. Much more alive than those who condolence send.       


F  Father of five, yet spiritually, many more are alive

I In Ireland, Africa, and home he has descendents dear.

N No allowance Finch would make, for old carnality’s sake

C Clean hands and a pure heart are available “now and here.”

H Holiness lead Finch to heaven. Oh, follow in his wake! 

– eab, 7/8/03

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Paul Wood Finch (Sr.) was born 1/27/1910 in Kentucky.  On 6/11/1935 he married Georgia Johnson.  God blessed him with an international ministry: evangelizing Ireland for three years, preaching his way up the continent of Africa mission station to station, leading Holy Land tours, and crossing the Atlantic 40 times.  He shared the platform with Leonard Ravenhill, the late Ian Paisley, and on one occasion preached to James Edwin Orr (who wrote “Search Me O God”).  Finch wrote Revival Messages, and The World’s Greatest Need.  Bro Finch change his old body for a new one 7/8/2003 (1:40 AM) at Holland, MI.

Personal note – I met Bro. Finch in May of ’65, we taught together (him experienced, me, a freshman teacher) at Hobe ‘67-70, and I had him at least three times for meetings when I pastored.  I’ve known several who came from extremely rigid religious backgrounds – many went to the left, not knowing where to stop, not Bro Finch.  He was a balanced man who preached a livable Holiness Message and Lived It!


Finch Quotes:

Sadducees, the liberals of the New Testament, Pharisees the legalistic ones of the New Testament.

Legalist – a carnal man trying to do right.

The good is the enemy of the best (may not be his originally, but he is who I heard say it).

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“Legalism – the stunted and spoiled fruit of a beautiful tree.”

– Paul W Finch, 9/8/81

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P  Personally, met this prophet in the old Mid-west,

A  And liked him right away.     (We both Volkswagens had.)

U  Under three years later, we’re teaching together,

L  Led to Hobe, me a “rook,” him old enough for dad.


W  With the years, he’d come by Tennessee and invest

O  On young lives his ageless truth; “The Mid-east” he taught.

O  On my soul he left etchings, hungers for blessings.

D  Doubt he understood how much then, His mind I sought.


F  Few if any men I’ve “schooled with,” Have been more blest

I  In breadth of sharing pulpits, preaching ‘cross the globe.

N  Nor had more on their “shelf;” because he’d died to self. 

C  Commencements?  Shared some. His, long-awaited has come.

H  Happy Graduation, Sir!  What a spotless robe!

            – eab, 7/8/03   

Paul Wood Finch died this date 7/8/2003, Holland, Michigan (1:40 AM) He wrote at least two books Revival Messages, The World’s Greatest Need both published in Ireland. 

Bro. Finch is gone but a long way from being forgotten.  He was one of the most Godly men I ever knew.  And, had a holy balance much needed in his day – and as much (if not more needed today.

The above was sent to his funeral and (as I understand) was read by Leroy Adams, Jr.

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