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It looked so easy that Pharaoh tried.

All of his horses, and all his men died;

When the Red Sea rolled back in with a crash.

But Israel was out of Egypt at last,

Thank God slavery was a thing of the past,

As were making bricks under a cruel lash.


Jacob never lost sight of that great day,

When he watched Egyptians floating away.

Oh, what a miracle God had now wrought.

They were not yet into Canaan’s good land,

(In fact, it was not even close at hand)

But the greatest fight was already fought.


The cloud was o’er them today, tomorrow,

(Clouds – we too often connect to sorrow.)

This cloud was a blessing – superb delight.

As southern ladies have been known to hold

A parasol to shield from a sun too bold,

This cloud protected people from sunlight.


A pillar of fire?  And fire gave its light

In a desert strange, that could give them fright.

A desert that was intriguing and odd,

And the Lord leading Israel supplied

A warmth, so no one from cold every died,

Light is in the very nature of God.


Out of sin! It no more has dominion.

(In spite of preacher’s carnal opinion.)

Willful acts of the body, deeds and thoughts,

Binding, blinding habits were left behind.

Gone were filthy, gone the dirty mind.

Since they fled the stench of Egypt’s old pots.


There are two grace works and there are two lands.

Egypt lay back there in its pagan sands.

Tied to solar worship, god-in-the-round.

But on Canaan’s honey-ground they were not.

It was still their hope – for it they now sought.

They walked many miles before it was found.


Between the country of sin and sinning,

And the slopes where saints are always singing,

Lies a parched land where saving grace prevails.

Geography does not lie, nor does map

Egypt and Canaan do not overlap!

An attempt to live in both always fails.


They were in wilderness, the two betwixt.

Shackles were gone but the heart needed fixt.

They had too much to say ‘bout food and drinks.

Their peninsular old selfish grumblings,

And particular but honest mumblings,   

Showed well how the strong carnal mind still thinks.

                – eab, 10/99

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The children of Jacob were bent making bricks.

Pharaoh, satan’s type, was up to his old tricks.

Goshen had looked good when they first came down.

Sins always shows its laughter before its grim frown.


Then God heard their cry; deliverance soon came.

Broken were the shackles, gone was the shame.

The approach to the Sea had its crisis hour;

But God saw them through (and He will you!)

With His mighty power.

                – eab, 10/99

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