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Marriage is a wonderful thing!

Marriage is a wonderful thing.

Its foundation stones were Divinely laid;

It’s not an institution man has made.

Marriage is a wonderful thing.

It’s to be fruitful and to be multiplied;

That the Triune God may be glorified.

Marriage is a wonderful thing.

                                                – eab

Chorus to Phillip & Heather’s wedding song.

They were married at God’s Bible School,

June 6, 1995

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You are fifteen years down the road to being “forever together” (a Paul Harvey term).

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The following is from the Wedding Song I wrote and sang to them.

Here she comes today up the aisle in white.

She’s lived for this moment a long, long time.

She’s going to marry this man for life.

Here he stands, waiting for her heart.

Waiting to do his manly part;

To Love her as Christ loved the church.

– eab

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