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Luther quote

“…No man hath so grievously fallen at any time, but he may rise again. And on the other side, no man taketh so fast footing, but he may fall.”

Commentary on Galatians p. 94


If you make heaven and I don’t, I seriously doubt that you’ll miss me. If on the converse, I make heaven and you don’t, it seems (as much as I may’ve liked your personality, your bright mind, your talents) that I’ll not miss you. This is sad to think of now. But how can heaven have no tears if I realize that you’re not there? Heaven’s happy occupants may (hear my word “may”) have a “holy amnesia.”

– eab, 11/14/17




Tis a blessing to me and my kin,

To have food, tall pantry and bin,

Our store is thick, not lean nor thin,

For all this I praise you Lord,

Living, Giving, Loving Lord.


It’s good to have clothes and more,

In dresser and behind closet door,

And shoes and boots on scattered floor,

For abundance I thank you Lord,

Great, Gallant and Faithful Lord.


Of far more blessings (by miles, not feet),

Is the mate you allowed me to meet,

And four little Bryans to make us complete,

Thou who lovest family, Creative Lord,

My thanks for being a Love-making Lord.


Most of all I’m so grateful to be,

Redeemed and passed through my own Red Sea,

Through “Jordan” you also have guided me,

Redeeming and Sanctifying Lord, my Lord,

You surely deserve all the praise I afford.

– eab, 11/24/99



There are several ways to catalog earth’s peoples: ethnic group, language, race, etc. The Bible uses a Jew/Gentile dividing line. One is Jewish by blood. Another is Gentile by blood. However when either becomes a follower of Christ he is Born Again and stops being Gentile or Jew. This is also by Blood, the precious Blood of Jesus.

– eab, 11/17/17


“Prayer is not a collection of balanced phrases; it is the pouring out of the soul.”

– Samuel Chadwick


Lowlife sins in making humans act like animals (some cultic religions even have humans making animal sounds “in church.”) Society sins in making animals into “humans.” (Idea of mickey mouse etc. is not as innocent as it seems.) God made animals on one plane and humans on a Much Higher Plane. Evolution is really EVILution! Please, Please do not lower yourself nor elevate a pet – it is still an animal.

– eab, 11/17/17


1Pe 4. 7

“But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.”


A house of worship can supply: fellowship, an opportunity to sing classic hymns of praise, a time of corporate prayer, a brief “concert” (special song), and the occasional testimony. But if it’s sermon does not give you the Truth, the plain unadulterated Truth that place of worship has failed!

– eab, 11/19/17

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Luther Quote

“He who will have, for his master and king, Jesus Christ, the son of the virgin,

who took upon himself our flesh and our blood, will have the devil for his enemy.”

Table Talk, p.254


The day we’re born we start to get older. Our parents have bitter-sweet moments as they realize we’re moving from baby to toddler, to all boy/all girl etc. We enjoy having birthdays, placing height, pencil marks on an “allowed” spot & love turning 16 etc. Somewhere (you decide where) along life’s Trail growing older became a Trial. Somewhere getter older turns into getting “old.” Though the soul should mature, I’m thankful I see no Scripture proving the soul gets “old.”

– eab, 10/7/17



Fall, that most brilliant of seasons,

With an aroma all its own,

Has for various reasons

On my affections grown.


It’s partly all the color;

Red? No, reddish brown?

Orange? It’s one or the other,

That leaf that just fell down.


And it’s partly the falling leaf;

A twirl, a spin, a sliding drop;

A sky dive, Oh, so brief

With the slightest clatter of a stop.


And it’s also that “fally” odor;

Corn in shock, ear on stem,

Leaves when they’re walked over,

As you crunch your way through them.


A major part, I must admit

Is school; a bell, a book;

A different room in which to sit,

To listen, learn, and look.


And – I might as well be honest,

I like pumpkin pie, a little squash;

All the nuts the trees rain on us.

And Delicious, Jonathan, and McIntosh.


Fall’s nice warm days and cool nights,

That hazy, smoky distant view,

The full autumn moon that on us lights,

Those are truly reasons, too.


Oh, I know that fall must terminate

To winter; it is only just.

But I’ll enjoy autumn before it’s too late,

For enjoying fall is a must.

– eab, Oct. ‘75


Today I heard a cute little child’s voice ask, “What do these words say?” Such wonderful trust! You & I can likewise ask our Father in Heaven the same favor. That dad answered – as we’re read God’s Word, don’t you think He will also answer “What do these words say?”

– eab, 10/6/17


“If I am even with my enemy, the debt is paid;

but if I forgive it I oblige him forever.”

– William Penn, from his MAXIMS


My late pastor, J D Webb, Sr. (1 of the 10 most influential men in my life), believed he’d be alive when Christ came. He passed on in 1986. He did not live to see the end of the world but he did see the end of HIS world. You & I likewise will see the end of Our world, whether or not it coincides with the end of The world or not. Friend, are you prepared, if YOUR world ends tonight?

– eab, 10/5/17


Mat 6. 15

“But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.”


I suppose it makes people feel “powerful” to assert “facts” they can not prove, produce theories out of thin air, or to pretend “to know” more than they know. No one (who rejects Biblical accounts) “knows” what happened only 4000 yrs ago, to say nothing of “40,000 yrs” or “4,000,000 yrs.” Dreamers are not to be followed, Nor held in awe, Nor imitated.

– eab, 10/6/17

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     – Time

=  Eternity



      + Time

=  Eternity



      x Time

=  Eternity



      / Time

=  Eternity          

-eab, 5/31/09

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