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The most powerful thing you can do is pray – it needs no electric or gasoline “power.” Prayer can be experienced by the educated and the uneducated. It can be done alone, or in a group. And Prayer is always best when it is from the heart.

– eab, 8/17/14

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It’s easy to be modern

When you live in a modern day,

To let the old slip from you

To let it slide far away.


All that’s “progress” is not progress;

All was not bad in yesterday.

How we need a fresh revival

Oh, how we need again to pray.


The grand old Book has been replaced

By religious movies and plays.

Great revivals were not products

Of “seminars” nor picnic days!


Praying has a way of making

A small canoe into a barge.

And also shrinking those “big” things

Till they aren’t quite as large.

– eab, Feb ‘07

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Prayer can be least precious in public.



Prayer can be most precious in private .


– eab, 2/6/09

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The mighty oak from an acorn came,

Bursting, throbbing, growing in strain;

Pulled up by the light, pushed up by the rain.

It didn’t happen over night.


No stalwart man is instant made.

It takes pressure, decisions, days of shade;

Pulled up by prayer, pushed by reading, rare.

Small souls and fires quickly fade.  -eab, 9/75


Written in Friendsville, Tennessee

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“Spirit of Holiness” (stanza 4)


Spirit of holiness, ’tis Thine
To hear our feeble prayer;
Come, for we wait Thy power divine,
Let us Thy mercy share.


Samuel Francis Smith, Baptist, in addition to his famous “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” (written at 23) also wrote hymns.  Above and a second example is:


“The Morning LIght Is Breaking” (stanza 4)


Blest river of salvation, pursue thy onward way;
Flow thou to every nation, nor in thy riches stay:
Stay not till all the lowly triumphant reach their home;
Stay not till all the holy proclaim, “The Lord is come.”


Olver Wendell Holmes wrote a cute few lines about Smith:


There’s a nice youngster of excellent pith,
Fate tried to conceal him by naming him Smith;
But he shouted a song for the brave and the free,
Just read on his medal, “My country,” “of thee.”


Smith and Holmes were classmates at Harvard.

[Some info credit goes to information Cyberhymnal.com]

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Pretend – if you must – in the play house.


Oh, Never pretend in the Prayer House.         – eab, 11/13/07

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