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Preach – Invite

  1. Preach against – SINS – use one of more sin lists in NT use definitions

Invite to walk – in white, above sin, “Go and sin no more.”

  1. Preach against – Carnality – use Bible & perhaps Warren C McIntire with handouts

Invite to walk – with holy heart – pure motives

  1. Preach against – Stuck-in-rut, or No-growth, “profession-without-possession holiness.”

Invite to walk – growing not into but After “full salvation.”

  1. Preach against – Materialism, sports, wasting time, thinking too much about this world

Invite to walk – heavenly minded, world-is-not-my-home-freedom in Christ

  1. Preach against – Over reacting with super negativism to all that is wrong (nearly all IS wrong)

Invite to walk of joy – Seeing Jesus – not blind to wrong but Christ is greater!!!

  1. Preach against – too high expectations (not angels) AND too low expectations (therefore still carnal)

Invite to walk “just right.” He is glorified (not us, as legalists may wish) Still human – holy & human.

– eab, 1990’s

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