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Jonathan Edwards, on this date 7/8/1741,


preached his famous sermon,


Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.”


This was delivered at Enfield,Connecticut. 

He was a Congregationalist minister and author. 

Enfield is a few miles south of the Massachusetts line,

on the east side of the Connecticut River.

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Empty, cold, decaying alone,

The “has-been” at the cross roads;

Boards for windows, pigeons for choir,

Once place where men laid down their loads.


Once the pastor burned the pulpit;

Fire from heaven that he preached,

Filled the pews and spilled beyond them

Beyond the door, others were reached.


Why such empty, hollow churches?

Why the grown-up parking lot?

‘Cause a people that once knew Him

Act now, as though they “knew Him not.” 

– eab, 6/93

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He was laid in a wooden manger.

Played with shavings from the plane;

Knew the smell of cedar – sawn,

Could distinguish the oaken grain.


He preached from a wooden sailboat.

Called down Zacchaeus from a tree;

He cursed the fruitless old olive,

And, it dried up thoroughly.


He carried a wooden cross.

Than another shouldered the frame.

And since that infamous, ancient day,

Wood, crosses, haven’t been the same–eab, 10/82


Written while I pastored Christ Church – Bible Methodist, Friendsville, TN

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