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Hypocrites can fool Christians,

At least for a few days.

Hypocrites can fool preachers,

With their counterfeiting ways.

Hypocrites can fool themselves

– That is scariest of all;

For how can you get up,

If you think you did not fall.

          – eab, 10/9/08

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Herbert Hoover, President of the United States, on this date, 5/23/1932 is reported to have written a letter to the New York Theological Seminary. 

He is said to have hoped the school “shall continue its interdenominational work of training Bible inspired preachers, teachers, missionaries and other Christian workers.  No institution doing the work this Seminary is doing should be allowed to fail, particularly in times like these.”

 How refreshing that a sitting President would be speaking of Bible training, preachers, missionaries, and Christian workers.  This was, of course, during what has been called the great depression.

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Imagine someone saying to a photographer,

          “I can’t see why you are so interested

                   in the negative side of things?”


Preachers are also “picture takers.”

          Negative preaching is necessary to produce

                   a positive picture in the future – eternal future.

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It was not the state      – politicians may hate to hear that.

 It was not the school       – professors may hate to hear that.

 It was not the church        – preachers may hate to hear that.

 Earth’s first institution was the HOME 

                                       – may all Parents applaud that!

                                                                             – eab 

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