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Pro 6.16a – 17a

“…Six things doth the LORD hate…

“A proud look…”


“The more the god of this world exalts himself in opposition to truth

the more he disposes every sincere heart for the reception of it.”

– John Fletcher /Works III/


15 of 46 “…Pride & arrogancy…do I hate”(Pro 8.13).

Pro 11.2 When PRIDE cometh, then cometh shame: but with the lowly is wisdom.


“That must needs be a worldly & criminal consideration which makes us

more anxious for our own glory than for the glory of God.”

– John Fletcher /Works III/


God is Good – a simple but phenomenal truth.

God was Good before we in the least understood

God is Good in each high, low & mid neighborhood

God will be Good to all who believe (as we all should)

God is Good – known to the dullest sleuth.

– eab, 5/4/19


Actors/actresses should be pitied not worshipped or allowed to set fashion. They’re “slaves” to money. They may not like the pressure, may hate the director or owner, may hate being “used” but they stay for the money. “But they that will be rich fall into temptation & a snare & into many foolish & hurtful lusts…”(1Ti 6.9). These souls drool over “So-n-So’s” mansion, “ooh & aah” at their Ferrari, but keep being bound by money lust. They know they’re fake but love money too much to leave. Do NOT support them.

– 5/4/19


1Ti 6.10

“For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after,

they have erred from the faith & pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”


“Out of the thorns which a careful farmer would not have suffered to survive, cruel men once platted a crown…Is it pushing the facts too far to say that man’s worldliness crucified the King of Kings?”

– Andrew Blackwood /Preach…Bible/


(Making this first person but hope it’s not “you.”) A friend confided in you a personal, spiritual struggle. You shared it (whether as humor, or a prayer request or other I do not know). Word got back to this friend indicating you had told their secret. Please, PLEASE if you’re guilty of such gossip be man enough to ask that person to forgive you. Tell them that it is OK if they never confide in you again but you’re sorry (if you truly are – some people need a listening ear, need a friend in which you confide. You muffed it.

– 5/4/19


“Freudianism is a comfortable philosophy. Everything wrong with me is someone else’s fault.

It is also a completely hopeless philosophy for it is the denial of personal responsibility.”

– Andrew Blackwood /Preach…Bible/

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