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Ignore it if you want to,

Ignore it if you can,

But Prophecy is coming to you,

As fast as God’s great plan.


You ignore it to your detriment,

You ignore it to your peril.

Prophecy is determinate

“Revelation” is anything-but-sterile.


God’s will, will be well done;

God’s will, will fully succeed.

Every nation under His bright sun,

At His will, will halt or proceed.


Prophecy is History – foretold;

Prophecy foretells the world’s acts.

It can be wonderfully bold,

Because God foreknew all the facts.


Read Revelation and read Daniel also,

Daniel and Revelation have parallels,

Revelation explains how things will go,

Daniel has likeness in what he tells.


Read, read the Old Book to be wise.

The Book has tomorrow’s details;

Though some things appear in disguise,

You’ll find Prophecy never fails.

– eab, 2/28/06

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Prophecy is the easiest place to show pre-judging of concepts. 

Once you see/hear the concept on someone’s chart

you “see” it in Scripture. 

But does the Word actually say that?

Does It say it in that order? 

Does It say with that emphasis? 

(Then where else are we hearing ideas first

and then think we “see” them in the Bible?)

– eab, 5/27/2006

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To study prophecy is right,

Learn what will help you see the light,

Discern the figures that are dark,

Decide whose “bite” is worse than “bark,”

As the world’s day slopes into night. 

                – eab, 9/07

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The Christ of prophecy

      became the Jesus of history and

            will become the Lord of glory.   – eab, 9/88  

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