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Psa 1.5 +

Psa 1.5

“…The ungodly shall not stand in the judgment,

nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous.”


“You are now going to burn a goose (‘Huss’ signifying goose in Bohemian)

but in a century you will have a swan which you can neither roast nor boil.”

– John Huss


August 10, 1953, an automobile pulled up to the train station in Zanesville & a 16 yr old lad (posing as 17) climbed out. At the appropriate time & after emotional Good Byes, he boarded a west-bound train for Washington state. In less than 10 months (he was home once in between) his body, now truly 17, returned to that same RR station in a casket.

August 10; date I never forgot. Keith Roger Bryan was my only brother. – 8/10/20


“I have received, during the whole course of my life many favors from God…

ought not I to rejoice…give up a corrupted life for that of immortality!”

– Tobias Steffick


A teacher should:

1.) Be able & have a great desire to read,

2.) Be curious & have a desire to know Truth about many things,

3.) Be able to see the big picture & to reduce the complex into simple terms. – 8/10/20



There’s a horrid blight call pride

(Which the unsaved delight to show).

With the unsanctified it’s still inside

Suppressed, because they now know

It’s so unlike their Savior & Lord

They’re seeking to get it off-board.


The Holy Ghost specializes in taking it out

Along with carnal anger, jealousy & hate

And self-will with it’s hidden snarl & pout

All related to Adam biting satan’s bait.

With these all gone the heart is pure

And able to more easily temptations endure.

– eab, 8/10/18


Distraction. If 2 jerks are after your briefcase, one may purposely (but looking “accidental”) smudge your shoulder with mustard from a sandwich & while he “helps” remove the stain, his co-criminal makes off with your possession – Distraction. If 2 (or 200) want to steal from you, they may distract you with “x” & while your mind is “so worried” about “x” they strip you of “y,” an item of much greater valuable. If you have ever – & I mean ever – asked God for discernment, do it TODAY. The devil & his underlings want to take your mind off of the Eternal & steal your never-dying, ever-living soul. Wake Up. – 8/10/20


“…Member ‘all’ determine the standard rather than the stardard,

the truth of the Bible concerning Jesus Christ, determining the members.”

– Carl McIntire


Rom 12.2

“…Be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind,

that ye may prove what is that good & acceptable & perfect, will of God.”


Ma’am – I’m sorry your neckline so low & your skirt hem so high. I’m sorry that you do not see your need to better represent lady-hood. And – I’m sorry for you. Unless you have no idea of what is appropriate, your appearance highly suggests that you have the world in your heart. Seek Jesus Christ & ask Him to take out the desire to attract the attention of men. You can change & I hope you will before you meet God (after death) & have to give an account to Him of your less-than-holy-heart. – 8/10/20


“The early church knew nothing of this [rituals, ceremony, candles, incense, prayer stations, & images] idolatrous & sense-oriented worship.”

– T A McMahon

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