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Psa 100.1 +

Psa 100.1

“Make a joyful noise unto the LORD,

all ye lands.”


“…Students keep the school afloat financially. If the school does not offer psychology, ‘the number-two most popular major’ the students will go elsewhere…the school sinks economically.”

– T A McMahon


“Better to be an old maid than to wish you were one.” Famous words (at least to me) of my favorite high school teacher, Miss Reiss.

Better to be single with empty arms than to have allowed a cheap guy to talk you into sex & then you be left with a daughter (or worse, a son) to raise-by-yourself, while he runs off. – 9/26/20


“There is hope for any man

who thinks there is nothing in him.”

– D L Moody


It can sound spiritual to talk about Prayer. It seems good to preach about Prayer. It may help the writer (& may help the readers) to pen a book on Prayer. We can write songs & then sing about Prayer. Planning a stand-alone or series of classes may help men understand Prayer. But – ready for this – nothing, ah nothing, takes the place of you getting away to Pray. No fan fare, no announcements, no pics – just you & God. Him talking – you listening. You confessing – Him listening. – 9/28/20



Time was when Mr. Leaf was attached,

Tied comfortably to his own home Tree.

He was close to his fellow brethren,

Greenish, growing in Tree liberty.


He had his function in the Body,

Helped the Tree (though he was slightly curled)

Gave the Tree his loving, living best,

Growing, glowing there above the world.


Then air took a little colder nudge,

“Autumn” as the human’s call it, fell.

Mr. Leaf got a tinge of color,

He did not seem to feel quite as well.


More cold came into his leafy world,

And a fall rain or two came his way.

The Leaf noticed he seemed less attached,

He began to enjoy his new sway.


A critical moment came to him;

He found himself loose from his home Tree.


From the Body he severed his ties.

Mr. Leaf was, at last, “really free.”


Oh, what a sinsation [1] this all was,

He found himself flying through the air

He could turn right, or he could turn left,

So different from when he was “up there.”


He actually got to see the world.

He saw things he had not seen before.

The Tree had limited his past life,

The world had variety in store.


As he moved away from his old Tree,

Mr. Leaf liked his new-fangled ride.

He even was lifted up so high,

Gladly he was proud, of his new pride.


How nice it was to slip through the air,

Giddy, to be caught up in the swirl,

He enjoyed mixing with other Leaves;

Raved in the charm of a sleek Leaf girl.


He did notice in honest moments,

He was closer to dirt than before.

But he swirled, swirled, forgetting that thought,

What fun it was to once freely soar.


Excitedly the world came closer;

He knew not how dangerous it was.

Dirt, from distance, had earthy appeal,

Up close he saw bling, it lacked the buz.


Swooping, slopping ever downward now,

Mr. Leaf landed in his descent.

The world was hard. He’d expected more,

Its hardness hurt, his old surface rent.


Was this stuff rock? Was this thing real mud?

After fun was he stuck to the ground?

Where was the freedom he thought he had?

Where was the “free life” he had just found?


His Body, his faithful old Tree stood,

It hadn’t moved; he’s the one who fled.

The Body (his lost Tree) was alive.

Mr. Leaf, with his “freedom” was dead. – eab, 9/28/09


Hopefully you know suicide is Wrong. (If you don’t – it’s this simple; murder is sin, self-murder is sin.)

Suicide ends your chance to ask God to forgive you & your chance to ask parents/siblings to forgive you.

Suicide begins a time of torture – a time without end. A timelessness you can’t imagine while still alive.

Suicide – satan lies telling you “It’s the way out.” Don’t listen (for a moment) to the enemy of your soul.

God – if you get 100% honest – can forgive sins & make you so you don’t want to commit suicide. 9/28/20


Beware of contentions in religion…whatsoever does not lead you

to love God & man more is most assuredly from beneath.

Adam Clarke


Luk 18.1

“And he spake a parable unto them to this end,

that men ought always to pray & not to faint”


How aware are you of symbols? You ought to research the 5-pointed & 6-pointed “star.” There are 3 reasons you should become alert to symbols 1.) Some are ancient & their old “meanings” still exist. 2.) Symbols cross linguistic lines – therefore are “read” by others – an international language. 3.) The last may be the most serious – symbols are used by occult & cultish people with deeper & more scary meanings. Please stop using 5 & 6-pointed stars on clothing, houses, stationary, both at church & home. – 9/28/20


Holiness as an ethical reality does not make one less than human

but more fully so.

Ray Dunning

[1] Purposefully “spelled” this way.

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