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Psa 100.2 +

Psa 100.2

“Serve the LORD with gladness:

come before his presence with singing.”


“Nothing would do more to rebut the infidelity & reliance on mere outward rites…

so much as a revival of Bible love, Bible reading, & Bible memorizing.”

– F B Meyer


God made man. Then God had His Son born of a virgin to become a Man. Christ became one of us & then died to save all of us. His death was real (Roman soldiers knew how to do their grisly “job.”) The resurrection of Christ as just as real as His death. He came back to life & is alive for evermore. We honor the Lord’s Day because that’s the Day of His glorious resurrection. Do you honor His Special Day?

– 9/20/20


“…The connection between ‘eagle spirits’ shamans, & today’s neo-prophetic seers

is unmistakable. This is the New Spirituality.”

– Mark Dinsmore


One of my ways of seeing fb is as a community bulletin board (put up many a B.B. in yrs as teacher/sch. administrator). You post your news & I post mine. I may see yours as light, even frivolous. You may see mine as dark, even heavy. It is a community board – I have no right to take a pen & scribble out a paragraph of yours that I do not like – nor, as I see it do you. If I totally disagree with your post I may sooner or later post one of my own but do it without reference to your post or using your name. – 9/21/20


New Saul

He had been a radical Jew,

Jailing “bad” Christians, not a few;

Then met their Leader, Christ, the Lord,

Exchanged metal for Living Sword,

Old Saul became Paul, “brand new.”

– eab, 9/29/08


Mom/Dad – please pay attention to the skirt length of your growing girl. Because it was long enough in the spring, is no sign it is this fall. “She’s just 8, where her hem is, is not that important.” Allow me to disagree. If you look-the-other-way at 8, she can become used to a shorter hems. P.S. The “leggings” which have become popular don’t substitute for a longer skirt. I’m seeing too many knees AND ABOVE where the girl (& maybe the parents) seem to think she’s OK. – 9/28/20


“Dying & death…are distinct things; there is something gloomy & melancholy about dying;

whereas death is nothing, but as it opens the way to glory.”

– Richard Watson


2Ti 3.2

“For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters,

proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,”


My wife & I became parents on a wonderful day in July 1964. We have had an “empty nest” since a glad/sad day in June 1995. We enjoyed almost all the days between (endured 1 or 2) & have had great relationships with all the four God loaned us. I’m posting this today because we’re still parenting, yes, these many yrs after births & marriages. And, I expect to keep on getting phone calls, visits, prayer requests. Was glad to find I was a father many moons ago & am still glad to be Dad who can listen to & pray with my kids. (BTW, they’re still my kids tho the youngest is already “middle aged” J.) – 9/29/20


What is spiritual freedom?

It is being ourselves in the Holy Ghost.”

– L W Sturk

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