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Psa 100.3 +

Psa 100.3

“Know ye that the LORD he is God: it is he that hath made us,

& not we ourselves; we are his people & the sheep of his pasture.”


“It is dangerous to make man see too clearly his equality with the brutes without showing him his greatness. It is also dangerous to make his see his greatness too clearly apart from his vileness.”

– Blaise Pascal


“Music” plays an important roll in this fallen world. What’s called “christian music” plays a far too important roll in worldly churches. Now, ready of this? – – – Probably there’s never been a time in which more so-called evangelical & so-called holiness people are visiting “Gospel-Sings” (pastor “date-night”), calling in groups “to perform” &/or listening to such 24-7 on their phones. We’re being moved by notes (many from less-than-holy mouths), when we should be being moved by the “Word of the Lord.” – 9/6/20



“What you consider as your best excuse,

He considers as your greatest sin.”

– Edward Payson


Holy preaching is not entertaining to saints – they feel the Spirit moving & are praying for Him to move in a greater way. When a man is preaching in the Spirit, some sinners have attended “to be entertained” but once the Holy Ghost settled on them, the *fun* was over. If you think preaching is entertaining there’s a good possibility that you’re listening to a superficial speaker, a motivational speaker, some guy who does not know God, or knows Him only in a shallow way. – 9/30/20



That they might find their way back

Back from across the track

Back from the slum and slim

They lost their glorious way

The way to Heaven’s bright day

Oh, may they return anytime.

– eab, 9/30/09


Snow comes down from Heaven. Rain comes from the same. Sleet & hail also come from Heaven. Soothing breezes & cooling winds have their source in Heaven. Dews are sent from above. All come down. What comes up from the earth? When a volcanoes explodes earth sends up gases (perhaps even foul or poisonous). Fire come from the earth. Brimstone &/or pumice flies up from the earth’s bowels. Smoke erupts from below & dust – a dust so small it may ruin man’s jet engines & change sunsets for month. I’ll take Heaven’s gifts that come down, anytime over earth’s (maybe even hell’s) convulsions. – 9/30/20


“We are the ambassadors to eternity in the courts of time,

& it is our business to permeate the courts of time with the atmosphere of eternity.”

Duncan Campbell


Mar 10.6

“But from the beginning of the creation

God made them male & female.”


Our world has changed. One of the unbelievable ways it’s changed is the blurring of the line between the sexes. Clothing’s been used for decades to help obliterate male from female. Hair length has been used by satan to distort the God-given man/women lines. Manly occupations have been invaded by some women (didn’t say ladies) & sadly a few jobs which were almost exclusively female are now done by males. Please, as a dad, a mom, do nothing to blur the lines with your children. And as a CHRISTAIN dad & mom ever strife to teach & exemplify the separation of the sexes. – 9/30/20


“Desire for revival is one thing;

confident anticipation that our desires will be fulfilled is another.”

Duncan Campbell

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