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Psa 100.4 +

Psa 100.4

“Enter into his gates with thanksgiving & into his courts with praise:

be thankful unto him & bless his name.”


“Humility seeks not the last word

 not the first place.”

– Wm Penn


You left your “rightish” roots & attend a contemporary “evangelical” church (at least that’s what you try to think it is). You’re an insider with a “position” to fill each time they meet, you’re active in one of their golf foursomes, & they love to come to your cookouts. How can you possibly leave? That is a question with which you should wrestle. You remember Mom’s prayers, you had confidence in Dad’s consistency & you’re not seeing holy lives being lived at the church/social club you attend. Will you leave? I’ll be honest with you – it will take all the manhood (womanhood) you can muster to do so. Man-up/woman-up. Heaven will be worth it & your time could be over before the year is. – 9/24/20


“We are never more like Christ

than in prayers of intercession.”

– Austin  Phelps


Do you love Jesus? Is He *THE Reason* you want to go to heaven? (To see Him, To worship Him)

Please drop all ideas/words of going to heaven to see anybody else (Not mom, not dad, not wife, not husband, not baby etc.) Drop these ideas & ask God to forgive you for ever thinking on this level. Ask Jesus Christ to increase your love for HIM – He’s the One who died for you. – 9/28/20



Fall, that most brilliant of seasons,

With an aroma all its own,

Has for various reasons

On my affections grown.


It’s partly all the color;

Red? No, reddish brown?

Orange? It’s one or the other,

That leaf that just fell down.


And it’s partly the falling leaf;

A twirl, a spin, a sliding drop;

A sky dive, Oh, so brief

With the slightest clatter of a stop.


And it’s also that “fally” odor;

Corn in shock, ear on stem,

Leaves when they’re walked over,

As you crunch your way through them.


A major part, I must admit

Is school; a bell, a book;

A different room in which to sit,

To listen, learn, and look.


And – I might as well be honest,

I like pumpkin pie, a little squash;

All the nuts the trees rain on us.

And Delicious, Jonathan, and McIntosh.


Fall’s nice warm days and cool nights,

That hazy, smoky distant view,

The full, autumn moon that on us lights,

Those are truly reasons, too.


Oh, I know that fall must terminate

To winter; it is only just.

But I’ll enjoy autumn before it’s too late;

For enjoying fall is a must.

– eab Oct. 1975


Are you one of those “enlightened” pastors who’s found a “bible” you like better than the King James? (Was it only a yr or so ago, you were using a yet different “bible”?) I feel sorry for you. Someone (peer, you think is smart, pastor, you accounted as “progressive,” prof, you respect as intelligent) influenced you toward a dumbed-down version. You are missing who-knows-how-much, but I also feel sorry for your congregation – you’re cheating them with your modern substitute. 47 men of high learning, respected by much of Christian England, gave 4 yrs of their life to produce the CLASSIC Authorized Version. Stop trying to convince yourself that your peer (etc., above) is more linguistically astute than this cadre of scholars. – 9/29/20


“Preach the Word! Sing the Word! Live the Word! Anything outside of this has no sanction in heaven.” [Campbell’s biographer added here – Religious movies & plays which involved dramatizing spiritual truth & particularly the work of the Holy Spirit, were blasphemy to him.]  

Duncan Campbell


Eph 3.16

“That he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory,

to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man;”


Make your home simple to maintain & easy to shed both rain & snow. (Forget about trying to impress your neighbor.) Give it fewer corners, not more, make the roof the right pitch & use a material which will last with little care year-after-year. (Simple exterior may also save tax money.) “But I want our home to be elegant.” Fine, do the fancy things on the inside – where you actually live.

P.S. The above can apply a little to your body-home, as well to your house-home. – 9/30/20


The affluently rich full of snesuality & pampered…are…

occupied with what they eat…drink, how they amuse & sport themselves…”

– Adam Clarke

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Psa 100.4 +

Psa 100.4

“Enter into his gates with thanksgiving and into his courts with praise:

be thankful unto him and bless his name.”


“If you would rather have more dollars

than more grace, you’re worldly.”

– J Wesley Adcock, (source unknown, to eab)


Basically, grumblers are Unthankful. And unthankful folks tend to easily grumble. “But my mom (or dad) was always negative; I learned it from them.” Unlearn it, friend, unlearn it. “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” You’re not a dog. You’re human. God wrote, “In every thing give thanks” (1Th 5.18). Amen?

– eab, 11/13/18


“The most profound dimension of His identification

with the human race is in His death.”

– Ray Dunning, PhD, /Grace…Holiness/


Moon – Leaf

A late fall leaf hung on the near tree,

A “finger-nail moon” [1] hung in the sky.

They caught peripheral vision,

This early morn, as I walked by.


One is a charming, distant white “globe,”

One close remnant of season past.

One has circled o’er earth long years

One’s existence we know, cannot last,


One gives light to a darkened ole world,

One gave shade in its own (past) “hay day.”

One will flutter some day to earth,

One we all hope stays far, far away.


One has a rough man in a moon face,

However it’s basically all round.

One has rugged pointy edges,

Tenaciously the leaf “hangs around.”


Distant giant traveling the high sky,

Local leaf silhouetted down here,

Were made by our Heavenly Father

In His powerful, yet tender care.

– eab, 11/13/09


“Writing makes an exact man.”

– Francis Bacon, Sir, /Of Studies/ [I strongly encourage you, Friend, to write.-eab]


1Ti 6.20

“O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust,

avoiding profane and vain babblings and oppositions of science falsely so called:”


Someone (unknown to me) first said, “The Bible isn’t a science book.” This “cute remark” got picked up & used by some not wishing to take the scientific assertions of God’s Word literally. A man, though holding a PhD in biology from a prestigious university & a second Ph in geology from a different school, is unwise to think he can judge Ancient Holy Writ: 1.) He’s a child (age-wise) compared to the Bible’s endurance. 2.) He’s provisional, compared to Its vast comprehensiveness. 3.) And – he’s an unbeliever in the One who made all that’s called science.

– eab, 11/12/18


“Men judge the worker by the work;

God judges the work by the worker.”

– Martin Luther, ThD.

[1] An E. Andrew Bryan II expression as a mere boy.

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Psa 100.4

“Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise:

be thankful unto him, and bless his name.”


“God so help us to live where we can slip quickly into Your presence.” If we’ve talked to Him this AM, it should be easy. If we haven’t talk to God since yesterday morning, we may feel a little strange. If we haven’t prayed (except briefly as tumbling into bed & very briefly over food) since we were in church on the Lord’s Day (You were there weren’t you?) we can’t slip into His presence – we have the necessity of explaining our absence & asking His pardon for not fellowshipping with Him all week. Go now to Him. – eab, 4/5/18


“Some women are either woefully ignorant

or willfully wicked.”

– S D Herron (uncertain date or locale)


“…If two of you shall agree on earth…” (Mat 18.19) is a wonderful promise. Mistake me not, I hold it as such. But in prayer in the night I laughed as I thought I saw (for the 1st time) God’s humor here. He made us. He knows how hard it is for two of us to agree (You & your mate for example? J) so His stipulation is couched in us being willing to agree on (not everything) but one or a few specific items for prayer.

– eab, 4/5/18



Yesterday he was faced with a big bill,

Wondered; should he trade cars or not?

What to do with that last rotten sill,

Or, should he have sold the extra lot?


Yesterday he spent re-directing the rill

Or plowing, raking the south garden plot.

Should this year he plant more dill?

Where to put the seeds he’d bought?


Yesterday’s big tasks he tried to fill

Or little ones, he’d ‘bout “forgot”

Yesterday’s deeds no longer “thrill;”

They’re all considered now but nought.


‘Cause he died before the day’s dawn.

Went to heaven in a flash of light;

Changed worlds, bills forever gone!

All he’d known shifted last night.


He’s not worried about shrub or lawn,

Such small concerns have taken flight.

He’s no longer thought of as a “pawn”

No longer does sin lure, or satan fight.


Ah – such change is hard to grasp upon,

Heaven’s splendor, heaven’s high delight,

It’s suddenly your forever-reality, John.

Enjoy Christ, the King of all that’s Right.

– eab, 4/6/18


Jam 1.15

“Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin:

and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.”


Your friend goes on a business trip. You take him/her to the airport or text them “travel blessing” as they leave. They’re going far away & will be gone weeks, even months. You miss them, wonder if they’re ok, & look forward to their return. Your friend dies. It’s the greatest of all business trips. You were in the room as they passed or you talked to them or family just before. They’ve gone far away & will be gone – forever. You miss them & (unless they left a clear testimony – life more than lip) you wonder where they are. Are you, am I, becoming more aware of death’s seriousness?

– eab, 4/6/18


“…There is a difficulty about disagreeing with God…

you could not be right, and He wrong….”

– C S Lewis, /Mere Christianity/


Once upon a time I was a young man in high school. A certain classy “upper class” gal (a junior, eab a sophomore on 1st official date) caught my eye. The rules allowed “a supper date” (Tues. @ 1.5 hrs) & regular date (Friday @ 3 hrs.) “I made myself go ‘cause I wanted do marry her” [this is pure sarcasm!] I didn’t yet know that I wanted to marry her but I liked looking into her eyes, making remarks to make her smile, the smell of perfume, & getting to walk by her. Have we as Christians “gotten the cart before the horse” in wanting to go to heaven & “having to pray” so we can? Christ wants us to love Him & His presence now. So it’s heaven, for now, just to be with Him. Amen?

– eab, 4/5/18

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