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Psa 12.1 +

Psa 12.1

“Help, LORD; for the godly man ceaseth;

for the faithful fail from among the children of men.”


“You can be an adulterer or an adulteress by marrying some man or woman

when you already have a living husband or wife…”

– J Wesley Adcock, sermon “If I Make My Bed in Hell”


Never say/believe that any man (or group) is the only answer for “x” problem. Never allow anyone to tell you that HE’S the only one to save “the situation.” Many men will die today; this self-proclaimed “savior” could die tomorrow. “My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ Blood & righteousness”(Edward Mote).   – eab, 2/21/19


“You of the feminine sex may have a part in it by dressing so suggestively

as to create lust in wicked men’s hearts.”

– J Wesley Adcock, sermon “If I Make My Bed in Hell”



The task you see your neighbor do

May look small, insignificant to you

But in their eyes, in their soul,

It may seem an impossible goal.

Don’t make fun of “their doing” or deed

Whether done slowly or with much speed.

It may be all that God requires

(Their last before joining heavenly choirs)

Be gracious as you see them walk

Pray for them, without gossipy talk.

– eab, 2/5/19


“If a man were to try to build a ladder to reach t moon he would be considered mentally insane;

but morally insane people are trying to build ladders of good works, church membership & morality to get them to Heaven.”

– R G Flexon


You are as capable of Praising God as

*Anybody, *Anywhere, *Anytime

on earth. Oh. Let Him hear your praises.

– eab, 2/21/19


Psa 150.6

“Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD.

Praise ye the LORD.”


The Holy Ghost inspired the writing of the Bible. It’s the

H – Holy

O – Original

L – Literature (for)

Y – You.

It’s a

G – Geographical

H – Historical

O – Oratorical

S – Statistical

T – Treasurer. – eab, 2/20/19



“Mentally insane people are always confused about time & eternity…

but you can…procrastinate…& think it is perfectly all right.”

– R G Flexon, sermon “After This”

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