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Psa 16.1

“Preserve me, O God: for in thee do I put my trust.”


A writer may be lead to believe that he really knows “the agenda” of a group but has merely been given the story “said group” wants the public to know/believe. Such history is next-to-worthless. Even when a writer has a high percentage of the facts, even when he tries to subtract himself from the picture, his history is tainted by /his/ telling of the event(s). Only one His-story in the world is 100% reliable.

– eab, 1/2/18


“Where is the far country? Anywhere you go without God.”

– Wayne States, 5/11/87


Creator. It seems too short, too simple a word for the Wonderfully, Complex, far-beyond-our-imagination Being. Of course, He is much more than the Founder, much more than anything we can describe. Before any man knew anything about Him, God, in His Majesty, created/made everything “about” Him.

– eab, 1/5/18



His hair was the color of new-mown straw,

His eyes were the color of ice in the thaw,

His cheeks were the color of a fresh pink rose,

And His teeth all stood in nice even rows.

I had a little kid.


He was the second in our family line.

He was “blessed” with a laugh just like mine.

He could eat like a man off a two-day fast;

And win my heart, the punishment past.

I had a little kid.


Lincoln Scarbrough Bryan was his full name;

Lincoln – that man of pure and honest fame,

Scarbrough – the maiden name of his NICE mom,

Bryan – the Irish ancestry that he came from.

I had a little kid.

– eab, April 1970


2Ti 2.15

“Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed,

rightly dividing the word of truth.”


*Grammar* If you’re a home-schooling Dad/Mom ask God to increase both your knowledge & love of grammar. (If you love it, great; pass that on to your child. If you don’t like it, your child may not either.) “Why, Bryan, would you devote a post to grammar?” Paul (he spoke Hebrew & Greek Act 21.37 & 40) writes serious words to Timothy (2Ti 2.15) about “…Rightly dividing the word of truth.” A better grasp of grammar (I admit mine is weak) will mean a better grasp of God’s eternal truths – truths being conveyed to us via the structure of language. – eab, 1/20/18


“Judgment awaits us judgment or revival…”

– Oswald Smith, fr /Consuming Fire/


You write a new date – – – it’s always higher than the one before. Days add into weeks & weeks to yrs. Time is not “at it again.” No. Time has continually rolled, when you were aware it was going & either wished to hasten it, or hold onto it. And – when you were unaware of its passage, time was sneaking over the brink, sliding away, everyday.

– eab, 1/31/18

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