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Psa 90.12 +

Psa 90.12

“So teach us to number our days,

that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.”


“He has a right to criticize

who has a heart to help.”

– A Lincoln


Sadly we live in an age of images, many, many images. We have no control over that. Brother/Sister we DO have control over how many images we watch. We do have control over how many of these images we have on our clothing or on the clothing of our children. As Christians we need to be awake to the wiles of satan. Heed these words, “…Keep yourselves from idols…”(1Jo 5.21) & yes, some of today’s images may represent idols: openly or in disguise. – 9/22/20


“…Where the fear of God is not,

there can be no thirsting for grace or life.”

– Martin Luther


Looking for a preacher of righteousness or, OR, are you looking for a “speaker”? Do you want your church to have a sin-killing, Holy Ghost awakening or, OR, do you want to just have the obligatory fall “revival”? Do you want a man who gets his messages from God or OR, a man who’ll be acceptable to “Mr Money-Bags” or “Miss Paints-her-face”? If the “he” you’re trying to get has spoken at a church/mission retreat/college where holiness standards are weak, yea almost non-existent, stop. Get alone with God & ask Him who *HE* wants to preach In. This. Late. Hour. – 9/22/20


victory cry

“O death where is thy sting”

Has an un-familiar ring

To those unprepared to die.

But to the soul now sanctified

Walking by faith with “the Crucified,“

It’s a glorious, holy, victory cry.

– eab, 9/22/09


Wanting a wife? That’s a good & natural desire (“…It is not good that the man should be alone…”(Gen 2.18). Before you seek her too strongly, seek God with all your heart; first to get out of the sin business & then to have the Holy Spirit get carnality out of you. You see, my brother, a holy man wants a wife who’s different from what an unholy man wants. Still good looking? Yes. Nice personality? Yes. But a holy man with a holy wife gives God a wonderful pair to win a part of their world & to raise children for His Kingdom. God first, wife second. – 9/22/20


Ritual always appeals to the nursery. The…drapery, processions

& awesome ritual impress those who have no deeper vision.

Samuel Chadwick


Pro 18.22

“Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing

& obtaineth favor of the LORD.”


The wonderful (& somewhat mysterious) Book of the Revelation suggests we’ll receive a new name above. That’s good. The name my parents gave me “Edgar” is different. I never went to grade sch or high with another Edgar. I didn’t attend college or seminary with another Edgar. Of the hundreds of students & parishioners the Lord’s allowed me to minister to, I’ve not had but one Edgar & he was in a short-term class I taught in Bogotá. But there are WHO knows how many Edgars, perhaps even born on my birth yr. I’m glad the Lord plans to give us a New Name in Glory. Praise the Lord. – 9/22/20


How does Jesus Christ teach a man to forget sin, By forgiving him.

How does a pagan teach a man to forget sin ‘Ignore it, think no more about it, realize yourself!’

Oswald Chambers

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