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Psa 97.12 +

Nov 15 – Psa 97.12 Rejoice in the LORD, ye righteous;

& give THANKS at the remembrance of his holiness.


“Prayer is not a collection of balanced phrases

it is the pouring out of the soul.”

– Samuel               Chadwick


CALLED – C. 7.) Read the Bible, yea Study It; you can study the Bible for as long as you live & Never learn all It has to teach. 8.) Start to memorize. Ask the Lord what verses, cluster of verses, chapters He wants *you* to know by heart. Note: your verses may not match a favorite preacher’s list – that’s fine.) Allow me to EMPHASIZE please include the Book, chapter & verse reference for all you memorize. Its one thing to know “…I am the way, the truth, & the life…” it is another to be able to turn to it dealing at the altar with a seeker. – 11/13/19  [Lord willing, more CALLED to come.]


“Issues are simple when the heart is intense.”

– Samuel               Chadwick


HE MADE *You may want to read all of this*

He made the tree on which He hung;

The earth to which it lately clung.

When innocent, it raised leafy arms,

While robins among them lived and sung.


He made the ore from which, by craft,

With forge white-hot and windy draft,

The town blacksmith sledged, with sinewed arms,

Long nails; innocent of greed or graft.


He made the sponge, carelessly raised,

Knew the near pool where it had “grazed,”

Commanding food with tiny arms,

Before beaching innocent and dazed.


He made the sources, rich in ink,

Where artist oft gave his pen drink,

Scrolling with careful, innocent arms:

“The King of the Jews,” making folks think.


He made the men, that “unmade” Him.

Knew their thoughts, goals, and every whim.

And as they nailed holy feet and arms,

Heaven’s innocence He prayed on them.

– eab, Nov. 1982


“Vile books, vulgar advertisements…smutty stories…

& the so called theatre are the carrion on which impurity feeds.”

– S A Sayford


Be, oh be, dear mid-life-to-older female saint, a praying woman. Be an example for our teen girls, young single women & newly married ladies to follow. May your face shine with Christ’s presence, proving you’ve spent time with Him in your prayer closet. Our churches NEED you moms, grandmas to pray. -11/13/19


Heb 6.1

“Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ,

let us go on unto perfection…”


Would you like a perfect chocolate Cake? 3 layers with raspberry filling between layers & a half inch chocolate icing on top? Would you like a perfect Camera? I know little about these, dad was a shutterbug & I wasn’t interested but would *you* like a perfect Camera? Would you like a perfect Car? Go 500,000 miles, nothing ever needed but gas & oil? WHY dear friend would you turn down Christian Perfection? Cakes, cameras, cars are not perfect. A Perfect Heart awaits us all. Praise the Lord. 11/15/19


“You can go to a seminary & learn how to preach sermons

 but you will have to go to God to get messages.”

– Oswald J Smith

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