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An open letter to the man whose wife has left him. (Ladies please read this reversed, as it applies to you.)

You have my sympathy – I mean every word. “It is not good that the man should be alone…” (Gen 2.18) is Scripturally, physically and mentally true. But for now, you’re being denied this twosome-ness by selfishness: Hers, Yours, Both of you. If you’re not a Christian, the first thing 1.) you need to do is become one, NOW. Christ will help keep bitterness (not the same as sorrow/deep disappointment) out of your heart. If you’re a Believer, Oh, you must keep on walking (by faith, not sight) with Him. If you EVER needed a Friend now is the time and Christ is a Friend “closer than a brother” (Pro 18.24). 2.) Do not stop loving her. If you have stopped, ask God to renew that love so if/when she comes back you have that super important issue long-settled. 3.) Take a serious look at YOUR part in this horrible division. If you honestly (don’t fake anything) see where you owe apologies, make them NOW and try to woe her back. 4.) Pray for her soul and her psychological well being. You’re struggling with memories, words said, etc. She is also.

5.) Do not, repeat DO NOT “shop” for a new woman. Modern pulpits are so silent against the sin of divorce/remarriage but the Bible is not. (A divorce will make it that much harder to reconcile.) 6.) “I’m not sure I want her back.” If that is your heart (not the devil trying to sow bad thoughts) YOU are a big part of this problem – own up and straighten up. 7.) “What if she never comes back?” Friend, I hope you can soon put the two-halves back together – But, hear me, you can make it to heaven single. Tough as nails?! O, yes, but not impossible. Paul asked God to remove his thorn in the flesh. God didn’t but famously said “My grace is sufficient for thee” (2Co 12.9). Bible scholars are divided about what this thorn was; maybe it was Who. Paul writes so knowledgably about marriage it’s very possible he was married and his wife left him. “I’m not the apostle Paul.” Agreed. But the same God who supplied him grace can supply you grace. Apply for it and Determine to go to heaven at all costs. Blessings.

– eab, 8/16/16

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