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You’ve considered a raised-garden. Winter’s a good time to build sides/ends of bed(s) in garage/basement; in the spring assemble and fill. A nice length is 8’ and width 4’ (much wider & it’s hard to tend the middle). How high? You’re not getting younger, make it as high as you can afford; maybe two feet. “But where will I get dirt for 8’x4’x2’?” If your lot has a high side, lower it. But first fill bed(s) with fallen twigs/limbs off trees (yours/your neighbor who wants rid of them) – they become soil. Put in fall leaves. Put in grass clippings. If you (or your neighbor) have wood ashes they can be added too. Remember beds do not have to be full the first year – many plants will grow in the top few inches.

– eab, 11/12/16

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