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History’s most famous land is an uncommon hill,

It’s the hill upon which the Savoir died,

Pierced by thorn, cruelly crucified.


History is a series of events,

Random, some seem, full of dings and dents,

Brilliant or scarred, free or barred

Filling all the past [of history fills all the past].


History also has to have its land,

On which acts start and then expand,

Events all pass, the land lasts.


History plays out on real valley and hill,

By river’s bend, by bay’s as tides fill.


History did not act out into thin air.


History takes place on dirt and sod,

Some of it for, some against God.


All of history took place on land

On rocky rise, on stretches of sand.


History fills time’s line completely full,

Ethereal-like, exciting or more dull.


Real history covers slopes and scarps,

Little knolls, rolling plains, hills and sharps.

The greatest history took place on an uncommon hill.

                – eab, 1/23/11               

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