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Warm, and cooling in the evening,

Grass dry, and browning,

Wind full, and blowing;

Ah! – Indian Summer.


Clouds white, and billowing,

Trees all hues, and bending,

Last rose lone, and fading,

Autumn everywhere.


Walnuts and hickories falling,

Little red one-rooms swelling;

Clear-toned bells ringing,

The best is here.


Leaves green – now yellowing,

Yellow – now browning,

Red and varying,

Each a color to share.


Reaping and harvesting,

Gathering and storing;

Careful and preserving,

Now fields are bare.


Once and short lasting,

Each year returning,

Beautiful and heart churning,

Lovely, lovely, Indian Summer.   -eab, 10/1964 


Written while at student at God’s Bible School,Cincinnati,Ohio   



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