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A geese vee flew overhead,

Headed for regions beyond,

Eventually to down glide,

To lakeside, creek, or mid-pond.


But now they angling fly,

Flying in good formation,

Individuals together,

Designed by great Creation.


Theirs is a great graceful gray,

Veeing off to far “new” homes.

One side slightly to the right,

Of the goose who with him roams.


The other side slopes to left,

Lefting to lesson the winds.

They call to each his buddy;

Is it courage he now sends?


The regal-dressed goose in lead,

Leads both sides of his big vee,

A loosely flying unit,

Yet each bird is truly free,


What wise cooperation;

Coping to reach a shared goal.

If God can thus make mere birds,

Can He not help man’s long soul? 

                – eab, 4/18/05   

[1] Was happy to see spring in Canada after our first winter.

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