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George Abbot was born 10/29/1562.  He was the second of eight scholars at Oxford chosen by King James I to translate the famous Authorized Version (aka KJV).  He worked on the Gospels, Acts, and Revelation.  Later he was appointed Bishop of London, then Archbishop of Canterbury. 

As archbishop, he opposed the King on several occasions, including the Book of Sports (1618) by which King James promoted recreations on Sunday.  He was a Calvinist in theology and supported the simplicity of worship promoted by the Puritans.

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R Read this Book for a blessing (or listen to It read)

E Ephesus through Thyatira: two bring two to a head

V visions of the last three churches fill up chapter three

E Eternity holds God’s great throne – which John gets to see

L Lamb outshines Lion as the symbol for God’s sole Son

A A series of seals fill chapter six – magnificent

T The concept of twelve times twelve balanced by saints rent

 I  Introduced in chapter eight are God’s great trumpet sounds

O One woe is followed by another – awesomeness abounds

N Number ten tells truth that John was forbid to tell

S “Sodom,” Witnesses, a tenth of Jerusalem fell


I  In twelve there’s time, times and half a time: symbol of years

N No man may buy/sell, six-six-six, a number of fears


R Reaping occurs in fourteen – a sharp sickle and souls

E Everything was conquered, his image, his mark, his name

V Vials now follow trumpets, as they followed seals of shame

E Enough details appear – a city on seven hills

L Long ugly is the list of her items and thrills

A Alleluia’s the cry: King of kings, Lord of lords

T Throne is here, judgment and books with defining words

 I  I, John, saw the “holy city” words to thrill saints’ hearts

O Oh, thrills: Night-less city, River, Fruits “off-the-charts”

N No Book quite compares to the “Revelation” of Christ.

 – eab, 7/5/12

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God could have lived  a “million miles” away,

Have been there eons–“eons and a day.”

He could have lived, and flourished, permeating space,

Could have gone on, all happy in Himself,

(“Creation” sitting idly on His shelf.)

Would He have still supremely been all God?

ALL GOD He’d been, without man or man’s sod.


Or–could’ve made an orphaned human race;

No intervention–oddly out of place–

Afloat upon forsaken seas; a-flound’ring, lost.

He could’ve wound Deistic clocks “and walked.”

He could’ve never signaled, never talked.

And left man seeking something ‘kin to light,

But destined to a Godless, endless night.


Instead, at heightened, priceless, most-rare cost,

God chose His wealth “to tap”?  No! To exhaust!

He sent His Only –after mortal men had failed.

Almighty God allowed mere man to see,

His sovereign purpose from eternity.

No man has yet “discovered God” — man’s ill.

His Revelation was His perfect will.


This Christmas revel in Christ, rightly hailed.

Rejoice!  God’s Revelation has prevailed.

All glory, honor, grateful praise; Christ has travailed.

A Personal Pentecost is also made

Available through pow’r which cannot fade.

Revealed is God, through Christ.  Oh, Joyful thing! 

No wonder saints find voice to sing and sing!   – eab, 12/10/2002

Written while associate pastor (under Phillip Dickinson) at Gospel Center, Phoenix, Arizona 

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