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“Jesus is the Word, the Bible is words about the Word, theology is words about the words about the Word, and all the time your’re getting further from Christ.” [1]

  – Recorded in Edgar A. Bryan, Glimpses of Greatness, (Shoals, IN: Old Paths, 2009), 93.

Richard Wurmbrand on 2/29/1948, was arrested by Communist authorities in Romania.  On morning of this last Lord’s Day in February, pastor Wurmbrand was walking down the street.  A black four-door sedan pulled up beside him.  A man emerged from each door forced him into the sedan.  He spent fourteen years in prison. 

I was privilege to hear him at IHC (then held at God’s Bible School) in person.  Later he  founded Voice of the Martyrs.  He was born 3/24/1909 in Bucharest Romania – and passed from this life 2/17/2001 in Torrance, California.

[1] Wurmbrandt, Richard. Heard by author, April 1966, Cincinnati, OH.

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