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Some folks religion is all past,

Made of ritual, reflexes, rites,

Mixed with a “called” feast, a “called” fast,

Based on images, pictures, sights.


Others religion is primarily a hope,

They hope in some uncertain day,

(Presently their religion doesn’t cope)

They hope for help when they’ve passed away,


The God who IS Triune, filled the past,

But controls the present as well.

Our God endures as long as time shall last,

Yet daily, today by faith, will indwell.


He is the God of the ever-present present,

He is the God of all history gone by,

Wherever in history’s line one is sent,

The Almighty is there: past and bye-n-bye.


What good is a God whose primary claim

Is a birth, a life, a filled tomb?

What good is a God whose supposed fame

Is for some generation still in the womb?


Our God is past, He’s future, and also right now.

He is here for the present trial, the current need,

He’ll be here when each future day enters, with a bow,

Ever present: to love, to lean on, to lead.

          – eab, 6/10/08

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Which will you have?

Start taking the Spirit


                out of “spiritual” (spi…)


and what is left is “ritual.” 


– eab, 11/10/09

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The Greeks had developed their own way of talking,

A language with more than one way to say “love,”

And spread it abroad by tough sailing and walking,

From major port cities to high towns above.


The city of Rome had become its own nation;

Was mighty in men and machinery of wrath.

Long roads now connected each distant war station,

Flagged stones lay in order o’er many a “path.”


While kings in the East with a studied reliance,

Had carefully placed many stars on their chart. 

From speaking, to fighting, to far-away-science,

It seemed a new era was ready to start.


Yes.  Formal, predictable ritual held sway.

God, in His power was all but forgotten.

But glorious, wonderful, Son-perfect day;

The fullness of time came–He sent His begotten!


Exact parallels would be foolish to muster,

But some similarities seem to be found.

Greek is no longer the language to utter,

It’s English that’s now the wide-world-wanted sound.


But Rome still controls, iron-and-clay yet exists;

From titles like “senate,” to shapes of  “domed roofs.”

And Rome-borrowed gods and Greek words do persist;

Try “Juno,” “Apollo,” and “Titan” for proofs.


Ritual is freshly re-gripping most churches.

A “calendar year” is once more being heard.

Toward broadway, broadway the movement now lurches

Nor is “eucharist” (mass) an in-Bible word.


Christ came the first time when God opened time-gates

And He’ll come again when conditions are right.

But antichrist also awaits with his pit-mates.

The false may come first–as “an angel of light.”


By “modern” assemblies pure saints are thought odd;

Who celebrate nothing–nor worship the earth.

The saints will be caught up when God gives His nod.

His Return will surprise; as His first did, at birth.     –eab, 12/3/98


Written while pastoring in Olathe, Kansas – NOTE, written ONE  DECADE  AGO

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