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Savior! I follow on, guided by Thee,
Seeing not yet the hand that leadeth me;
Hushed be my heart and still, fear I no further ill;
Only to meet Thy will my will shall be.

Riven the rock for me thirst to relieve,
Manna from Heaven falls fresh every eve;
Never a want severe causeth my eye a tear,
But Thou dost whisper near, “Only believe!”

Often to Marah’s brink have I been brought;
Shrinking the cup to drink, help I have sought;
And with the prayer’s ascent, Jesus the branch hath rent—
Quickly relief hath sent, sweetening the draught.

Savior! I long to walk closer with Thee;
Led by Thy guiding hand ever to be;
Constantly near Thy side, quickened and purified,
Living for Him Who died freely for me!

Charles Seymour Robinson died this date, 2/1/1899, NYC.  Educated at Williams College(Williamstown, MA), Union Theological Seminary (NYC), and Princeton (NJ) Theological Seminary, becoming a Presbyterian pastor.  His hymns include “Savior, I Follow On.” Robinson was born 1829, at Bennington, VT.

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