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Rom 16.24 +

Rom 16.24

“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.”


“Meekness – That man walks most safely who has the least confidence in himself

…Pride ever sinks where humility swims…”

– Adam Clarke


You can be both a Christian & an American, as one can be a Christian & a Swede, Korean, or Colombian. I hasten to add, if, hear it, IF Christ is first (no reservations) & “American” is a distant, non-competitive second. If you’re struggling, please find a place to pray – & no, don’t wait. Whether things will worsen, then improve, then tighten again I don’t know. But your allegiance must be to Jesus. PARAMOUNT. Some day, perhaps without warning, an antichrist force will grip most of the civilized world & you’ll need to know THEN that Jesus is King, not some politician or spokesman for the devil. – 4/30/20


“Is it not common for interested persons to rejoice in the success of an unjust & sanguinary war,

in the sackage & burning of cities…if such christians can be saved, demons need not despair.”

– Adam Clarke



Pillars and spires and slabs of stone,

Each inscribed with a name of its own,

And date for death and date for birth.

Showing how long “they” lived on earth. – eab, May ’95


Pastor, evangelist, youth leader;

who is the most comfortable in your audience: the sports-loving, hollywood/disney watching crowd,

or, OR, the saint whose heart is pulling on heaven for revival?

Seldom, if ever, are both groups pleased with the same preacher and – – – rightly so. – 5/1/20


“They [Jews] are compelled to wear little yellow rings on their coats…”

– Martin Luther


Dan 1.8

“…Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself

with the portion of the king’s meat, nor with the wine which he drank:”


The devil will tell you that if you could dress (or undress) like so-n-so you’d be happy. It’s a lie.

He’ll tell you that if you’d listen to the music of “x” or “y” you’d be content. It’s a lie.

satan will say “if… if… if…” he wants you chasing bubbles the rest of life.

He doesn’t care a whiff about you. – 5/2/20


“…The alteration of the Sabbath which sorely annoys them

but ‘twas ordered by the apostle, in honor of the Lord’s resurrection.”

– Martin Luther

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Translation Trouble – Rom 16.24

AV “The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.”


NIV – verse is completely, hear it

COMPLETELY missing. 


It will interest

some that the Jehovah’s Witness

“Bible” also has it erased.  Why? 


And WHY is NIV like the JW “Bible”?

Of what else are you NIV readers

being robbed? 

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Translation Trouble – Rom 16.24

AV “The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.”

Verse is totally omitted in NIV, RSV, BBE, TCNT, Weymouth & in italics (as not original) in ASV.

When someone is trying to find out who murdered

a victim they ask, “Who benefited from this death.” 

The attempt to kill the KJV (unsuccessful) needs

the same question. “Who is trying to benefit from

the slander of the AV (KJV)?”  In literal benefit$ –

don’t forget the overabundance (not an exaggeration)

of translations have amounted to a lot of dollars for

those willing to make money from such merchandise.

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