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10/25 is the traditionally understood date of the “October Revolution,” 1917. It involved the capture of the Winter Palace, Petrograd, Russia.  (Date refers to the Julian Calendar – corresponds with November 7 in Gregorian calendar.) 

The communists are not all dead but the system (as such) has failed and Believers (used by true Christians to distinguish themselves from Russian Orthodox “christians”) not only survived but grew in the underground and sadly, in prisons.

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There are not totally bad days but two sad events did happen on today’s date. 


On this date 1/20,Russia 1918, confiscated all church property and abolished all religious instruction in schools.  This of course, followed the October Bolshevik Revolution in ‘17.


On this date 1/20, in Berlin, German 1942, the Nazis (at their Wannsee Conference) selected as their “final solution” the mass extermination of all the Jews in Europe.

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L  Lovely little girl of mine,

A  Alert in thought and speech,

U  Usually there to untwine,

R  Rambling bothers on my mind,

A  As I for your laughter reach,


C  Conceived and born in a southern state,

A  As the third for your mother, my mate,

R  Rejoicingly we announced “It’s a girl,”

O  Our very own contribution to lady hood.

L  Laura, you had a protecting swirl,

E  Embraced by brothers so “good.”


B  Brown, dark eyes, like Grandma’s,

R  ‘Raping round the strings of heart,

Y  Yet so bashful, and easily hurt,

A  Always tender, loving, kind,

N  Naturally playing feminine’s part.

Happy Birthday!  You made Moma and me very happy when you arrived in our “laps” on this date thirty-nine years ago.  You have truly been a blessing to my pastorates, a blessing to Hobe (both when attending there and when your husband taught there) and a blessing to the countries of Russia and Romania.  I love you so much.  Dad  

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Every sinner who hears of a Sinless One,

Every father who hears God had a Son,

Every planner who hears Redemption’s is done,

                Is drawn to Christ.


The only way to reach heaven’s door,

The only way to tread the golden “floor,”

The only way to enjoy Redemption and more,

                Is through the blood of Christ.


Christ is the Key to heaven’s lock,

Christ is the pure Shepherd of a pure flock,

Christ is the center of creations calendar and clock,

                The only hope for all is Christ.  -eab,  1/21/2005


Written in Yoshkar Ola, Russia (while visiting the Hausmans). 

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