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S D Herron quote

“Little things bother us

because we are so little.”

– S D Herron, sermon (uncertain date/location)

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S D Herron quote

“God’s commands to pray

are really veiled, personal letters inviting us into His presence.”

– S D Herron, IHC sermon, Pell City, AL, 11/14/1983

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“The most uncomfortable thing for a sinner

is the presence of God.”

– Steve D Herron, uncertain source

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Laws of Spiritual Fruitage:

Humbling – “Constantly, carefully reject tendency to rely on the flesh.”

Hiding – “No one knows the seed is in the ground.”

Hurting – “There are no painless births.” “It hurts to share the hurt of the world.”

– Steve D Herron, message, 10/2/1980

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“The surest way to lose a truth

is to exaggerate it.”

– S D Herron, 2/21/1975

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