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To love when all of life

Lies down a ne’er ending trail,

Is simple and safe, without strife,

Happily, they lift the veil.


It is more adventurous, however

As seasoned travelers to wend,

The experience path together,

Starting love’s journey over again.


It takes a certain inward spark,

A daring and demanding devotion.

To face, this time not in the dark,

Married life and its commotion.


Anyone can do something initially,

Poorly, mediocre, or superb.

It’s different to repeat it successfully –

To marry IS an action verb.


Young love is a blossomy suit,

Sweet and magnifying.

Mature love is a ripened fruit,

Full and more satisfying.          

                – eab, Jun. ’77

[1] Written (upon request) for Mr.& Mrs. Samuel Heisler married 7/2/77 in Pennsylvania.

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