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You were taught a secret rapture could happen – poof – babies/saints gone; the world left in wonder. Have you looked for proof of this fairly-new theory? I was taught it and have looked for it. “Rapture” is NOT in the Bible. Those defending this faulty theory may say, “‘Trinity’ is not in the Bible.” All three names/titles of the Triune God appear in at least 13 verses. A text which may be offered as “proof” of the “poof” is 1Th 4.17 but to do so ignores 1Th 4.16 with its “shout” “voice” and “trump,” none fitting with secret. CHRIST IS COMING. THAT-IS-A-FACT! There is no proof of the rapture theory. In fact, satan and his men may pull-off a fake “rapture” with a hologram(s). Friend, please see Mat 24, Mar 13, Luk 21 about deception.

– eab, 10/26/16

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