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Shun cheap causes


It is a trick of satan that we must “unite”

with so called “christians” for X social cause(s).  You did not “unite” with sisters/brothers in your dad’s family – you were born into it, of the same blood. You did not “unite” with spiritual sisters/brothers – you were born into the Family of God, you have the same Blood, the Precious Blood of Christ. Stay away from semi-military groups or parties trying to force “social justice.” (You, as a Christian, are under no obligation to defend x section of earth – nations rise/fall at God’s behest – nor to change society – except as you do it through interceding prayer.) You are not voluntarily born into anything except God’s Family – be very leery of all/any groups “demanding” or trying to “shame” you into their ranks.

Instead, be active in praying/witnessing for Christ.

-eab, 10/21/16

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