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The road to modernism bends,

But slightly left of right.

So slightly, in fact, that the same scenes,

Appear to casual sight.


Then a little farther it veers,

(‘Tis only but-a-little.)

As when a peg, almost fits the hole;

A little pressure, a gentle whittle.


The path now gently curves some more,

You hardly tell the turning,

ALMOST everything you still stand for,

You know the same yearning.


An ever-growing curve it is,

This road to left of right.

The curve gets tighter as you watch

The “prospects” seem so bright.


…      it is a curve [1]

…      with most traveling men

…      seemed just left of right

…      simple way in sin sad sin 

– eab, Jun. ‘83

[1] Words lost due to my pad getting wet when hunting. Thought worth posting as is.

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