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About ’52 I saw my first “estate.”

Dad was a welder; a fellow welder, Emil, was a caretaker for 2000 acre “Snortin’ Ridge.” The owner (understood he invented refrigerated RR cars) was gone and Emil gave us a tour. The house (have no idea of sq.ft.) was at the brow of a ridge viewing a lake many feet below and maybe .25 mi. away where deer were seen (deer were then rare in OH). Also outside I saw my first 4-5 car garage, a swimming pool, a dog burial plot in addition to equipment like a caterpillar. Inside, the house had a wall of worm-eaten chestnut, a freezer big enough to drive a car into, and a record player (probably 78s) which held scores of records and played them automatically. For a farm lad this was a mansion! Jesus famously said, “In my Father’s house are many mansions…I go to prepare a place for you” (Joh 14.2). I did not begrudge the owner his estate (nor should you). I live however, with the hope of a heavenly home that’ll make “Snortin’ Ridge” pale.

Come, let us, by His grace, be neighbors in Paradise.

– eab, 3/12/17

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