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Do you still delight

To see a bird in flight,

Or watch him bring his feet from the rear

And put down his landing gear?


Do you thrill to see

Geese in their vee,

Pushing north in the spring

On outspread wing?


Do you like to see the limb sway

When a squirrel on his way,

Jumps from a tree to its neighbor

With seemingly small labor?


Do you still somehow enjoy

As you did when a girl, a boy,

The slight sly form of Mr. fox

Slipping by in white socks?


Do you bend your head low

To smell flowers in their glow,

Or take a few in where it’s mild

Samples of God’s natural, wild?


If one of the above “is you,”

You still do as you used to do,

Rejoice.  A little of your childhood days

Survived the balding or the “grays.”

                – eab,11/18/09      


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