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Queen Elizabeth I of England died 3/24/1603.  This daughter of Henry VIII (& second wife, Anne Boleyn) was born 9/7/1533 at Greenwich.  She became queen (after her half-sister’s death) November 1558.  She was well educated (commanded 6 languages) & as known, never married, being called the “Virgin Queen.”

She did England the favor of making the Anglican Church the “state church” but held a short (plain) theology. She is said to have said she would not put “windows into men’s souls…there is only one Jesus Christ & all the rest is a dispute over trifles.”  This final break with Rome brought 25 attempts on her life & brought the catholic Spanish Armada.  God helped (via storm) defeat it & preserved Christian England.  

This date’s second British event is naturally the next ascension – 3/24/1603, King James VI of Scotland (1566-1625) became also James I of England.  He was next in line being a descendent of Henry VIII.  James I became the most published monarch; had he not be of royal blood he would’ve been a compliment to any university of his day.  Some vehement anti-KJV men have dropped low enough to attack the CLASSIC of all Classics by attacking James I.  Though human, his monarchy, his morals, & his marriage (1 wife – 8 children) show God allowed a descent man to preserve His Word in TODAY’S lingua franca.

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Blessèd night, when first that plain
Echoed with the joyful strain,
“Peace has come to earth again.”

Blessèd hills, that heard the song,
Of the glorious angel throng
Swelling all your slopes along.

Happy shepherds, on whose ear
Fell the tidings glad and clear,
“God to man is drawing near.”

Thus revealed to shepherds’ eyes
Hidden from the great and wise,
Entering earth in lowly guise:

We adore Thee as our King,
And to Thee our song we sing,
Our best offering to Thee bring,

Blessèd Babe of Bethlehem,
Owner of earth’s diadem,
Claim and wear the radiant gem

Horatius Bonar was born this date, 12/19/1808, at Edinburgh, Scotland.  He pastored North Presbyterian Church of Kelso.  He left the state church in 1843 to serve with the Free Church of Scotland.

Bonar was one of the editors of The Border Watch,” the official paper of the Free Church, and for many years, because of his keen interest in the second coming of Christ, was editor of The Journal of Prophecy.”  In 1866 he became pastor of Chalmers Memorial Free Church, Edinburgh, named for Thomas Chalmers, the leader/first moderator of the Free Church of Scotland.

Horatius Bonar has been regarded as a eminent hymn writer of Scotland, penning over 600 hymns among which are “I was a wandering sheep” “Glory Be to God the Father” “Here, O My Lord, I See You Face to Face” “I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say” and “I Lay My Sins on Jesus” He also authored several missionary biographies.  Bonar died 7/31/1889, also at Ed­in­burgh, Scot­land.

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