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Stella Mae Morgan Scarbrough was born 4/29/1922 in TN to Walter (a Baptist preacher/evangelist) & Beulah Long Morgan.  “Moma Stel” is my mother-n-law.  (Scrap all the m-n-l jokes to me, I have a great one.) She married Carson Woodrow Scarbrough, November 1940 & they brought into this world Martha Mae Scarbrough, Woodie Carole Scarbrough Roush, RN, & Carson Lynn Scarbrough.

Martha & I are high school sweethearts, hence I met this lady many years ago.  The summer I was 16 my parents & I visited the Scarbroughs in Maryville. This was my first time in their home (though the Bryan’s stayed at the Joy Motel) so you can imagine I was a little nervous.  When Martha’s mother said, “Make yourself at home, if you ain’t at home you ought to be,” I didn’t know what to think for a few seconds. 🙂

When we married I struggled to know what to call my in-laws. My dad was born in ’04, my father-n-law not till ’18. My mom was born in ’07, my m-n-l not till ’22 – they seemed so young – do I call them “Woody & Stella?”  “Mr & Mrs?” “Bro & Sis?” “Dad & Mom?” (As I was marrying the oldest no ground was yet broken by an older on what to call them.) When I was their pastor (1974-1985) they were “Bro & Sis” in church – otherwise they’ve been “Daddy Woody” (he is deceased) & “Moma Stel” across several decades.  Happy BD “Moma Stel” – I love you!

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