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We often speak of heaven

As a place with streets of gold,

And think that we’re describing it

In an illustration, bold,

Imagining that such a place

Must be fabulous indeed,

If earth’s most precious metal

Is mere pavement – so decreed.

Forgetting that the real wealth,

Which the Lord has up there,

Are the precious transformed lives

Who’ve arrived there from here.

For if one soul is worth more

Than the combined wealth of earth,

Redeemed souls from every race

Make golden streets of small worth.                              

                – eab, 5/28/07

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Is heaven’s main attraction its streets of purest gold?

Do you want to see it, see about what you’ve been told?

Do gates of pearl attract you – do they demand your thought?

Do heaven’s “beauties” call you, more than they really ought?


Does heaven beckon you more because of Mom or Dad?

You think seeing them again will make your heart so glad,

Or (sorry that you suffered) you have a child up there,

You’re attracted to heaven because of your child, fair.


Is heaven, the real heaven, the place you want to be?

Or just an alternative from where you wish to flee?

(No one in his right mind, desires to go down below,

Given a third choice, you’d choose it, you honestly know.)


Many would like a heaven, absent Almighty God.

They’ve never really loved Him, never sought His kind nod,

As one might like the mansion on yonder hilly dome,

Enjoy it to the full – if the owner was not home.


Like his mansion? Oh, yes. Like the owner? Well – – – not much.

He seems too demanding about debt, and dirt, and such.

And like-wise some would take heaven – if it had no God.

They think they’d like His mansion, but find Him cold and odd.


They want a carnal heaven, where they would have no pain.

They’d like a safe city, without fear of being slain.

They want to miss hot hell, though they’ve sown their share of oats,

They grasp for what God has, but they never “shared their coats.”


If your view of heaven involves only a gold street,

Do you just want to go for the loved one you would meet?

Stop! Your wicked view of heaven needs to change right now!

God is King there, all who enter will lovingly bow.


He’s willing to share, share His mansion with one and all

Who reciprocate His love, upon Him daily call.

The glimpses of heaven are befitting our great King

Up there “Holy, Holy” is cried, up there angels sing.


Gold, pearl are but sidelights to the Presence we will see.

Heaven is a place of worship – for eternity.   – eab, 3/26/07


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He came before, as promised of old.

Christ came before as prophets had told.

He came, knowing He would be “sold”

But He came to break sin’s hold!


He’ll come again as a King, bold.

Christ will come from streets of gold.

He’ll come again His faithful to enfold.

Oh, be hot, my Friend, not warm or cold.


His coming may not your chart uphold.

Christ’s coming may not fit our small mold.

His return may not be (as thought) “two-fold”

But He comes Friend.  Be ready to behold.


Read the Book; make it your stronghold.

Do not this poor prophecy rhyme scold.

Reading helps to remove the blindfold.

Some charts border on the over-bold.  – eab, 3/17/08

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