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Substitutes for the Completely Sanctified Life – P. S. It’s next to impossible to list all the substitutes offered by satan.  They may be intricate, intriguing, even “life-changing” but for all the elaborate camouflage they’re humanly contrived replacements for having God destroy your fallen, carnal nature. Friend, are you willing for God to identify YOUR substitute for sanctification?  One can pride in his education, his discipline, his eccentric “cult” or his Bible knowledge. By contrast Spirit filled men KNOW they’re unworthy.  

-eab, 9/5/17

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Substitutes – Completely Sanctified Life # 4 – Exceptional Bible study

The most important Book in the world is the Bible. But even becoming Biblically astute, being able to quote sections of the Holy Scriptures and/or being so versed that one can easily see ribbons of truth, connect related passages, and/or make reasonable commentary on numerous chapters is no substitute for tarrying for Holy Spirit filling.  NOTHING is an adequate substitute for Him. Saints read the Bible, revere It, remember the Bible but they see the Bible is NOT the end of Itself. It must be obeyed. 

-eab,  9/5/17

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