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  1. ALL of the ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPTS to the Bible are LOST!

  2. The major battle over which WORDS “belong” in the Bible has taken place in the NT not OT.

  3. The major battle over which MANUSCRIPTS are to be “trusted” has taken place over NT Ms. not OT.

  4. From 100 A.D. to 1611 AD There were fewer than ten Bible Translations in English.  (partial/complete)

  5. From AD 1611 (1st AV printing) till 1881 the few translations which were made was by individuals.

  6. From 1881 to present ‑ NEARLY ONE NEW TRANSLATION A YEAR has come off the press.

  7. Nearly all “new” translations are based on a FEW MANUSCRIPTS: Vaticanus & Sinaiticus.

  8. Many GREEK TEXTS of “new” translations differ from the GREEK TEXT of KJB in 5000+ places!

  9. ALL Greek Texts for “new” translations are derived from/modeled after the Westcott/Hort Greek Text.

  10. (10. -11.) Deal with textual theories (Westcott & Hort and Griesbach’s “Manuscript…HYPOTHESIS.”)

  11. Most of the “new” translations DIFFER from the AV 1611 in as many as 5000 places in the NT alone!

  12. “New” translations are ALIKE, that is they RESEMBLE EACH OTHER in contrast to the KJB of 1611.

  13. The “new” translations have been made in years marked by Disbelief, Disobedience and Apostasy.

  14. ALL “new” translations have a COPYRIGHT. George H. Anderson Jr. (edited by eab)

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