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The date was approximately 1952.  The location was an eight-room frame farmhouse (plus two-room summer kitchen) on a 53 & 1/3 acre farm about two miles west of Somerset, Ohio.  The occasion was the receipt of new gray jacket for a grade school boy named Edgar.


Mom had made me several shirts from the more masculine looking feed sacks.  Feed used to come in large printed cotton sacks suitable for opening and reusing (a long time before the “popular” recycle era).  I needed a new jacket and for some “kid reason” requested one bought from a store.


Dad arrived home from work in our blue 1950 Chevy.  He brought a paper bag (bags were paper back then) marked Penny’s from the car to the house.  I was presented the bag to open.  Inside the Penny’s bag was a boy’s medium gray jacket.  Examination showed it complete with a Penny’s label on the inside of the yoke (labels used to all be on the inside – except Levi’s).


The appreciated store-bought jacket was well on its way to being worn out before my folks revealed to me that Mom had made it and sewed in a label from one of dad’s shirts.  The Mom-made jacket was then sent to town with Dad and of course, returned with him.


I could wish I could show you this gray jacket or one of the shirts.  I could wish you could taste her scrumptious potato salad – for years I could list potato salad as my favorite food.  I could wish you the experience of arriving home on a yellow bus (first-one-on, last-one-off) and entering this old eight room two-story to the smell and taste of Mom’s homemade bread.   


Sorry – a mere tale will have to suffice for a Mom-made object.

God bless this lady (born7/6/1907) for all she made for me and others.


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