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The teenager, the mid-ager, the old,

the female, the male, the black, the white, the naturally learned, the book learned, the single, the married, the poor, the rich, the well, the ill are invited to create a Praying Place. Enter in willingly, yea eagerly and shut “the door.” Sit, kneel, prostrate yourself, or pace back and forth and have a two-way talk with God. Meet Him “face to face” in the Spirit, sense what He is like, agree with Christ’s assessment of you and your needs, known to you when you entered the closet or discovered there. No ministry on earth is so open to every human, regardless of their station in life as the ministry of prayer. Pray when no one knows. Perhaps pray where no one knows. Definitely pray about/for people and no one but God will know who made your list. Secret sins will take one to hell. Secret praying may well take one to heaven.

– eab, 5/14/16

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