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Prophet and king had gladly told  [1]

And written it with care.

The young had learned it from the old,

Both delighted in the share.


The beggar heard it and believed

In His future, wealthy reign.

Oppressed people were not grieved,

A loving Ruler, they were to gain.


They wanted Christ, That Chosen Race.

Although the Book told the place,

They missed Him.  A sad case!


Pastor and layman with voices bold

And teachers also bear,

The message, “We are cold, too cold

To go with Him, so fair.”


We’ve been chilled and deceived,

By “riches,” in the main.

I’m afraid we’d be relieved

If He didn’t come again.


Relieved, because of our slow pace.

Relieved, we lack His offered grace.

Relieved, not to see Him face to face.

                – eab, Dec. ‘69

[1] Our 5th “Christmas card” – God helped me write it while teaching literature at Hobe Sound Bible College, FL.

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