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Thomas L Sproles


T             Today a young man turns sixty years;

H             Half that time we’ve known him, it appears.

O            Operating a small printing press,

M            Ministering to rich, and those less,

A             “Ain’t going preacher,” was said by some

S             Sleepy souls after the van had come.

L             Loving man to Paula, his good wife,

S             Stably married decades of life,

P             Papa to their four nice kids, all grown,

R            Reaching to grandkids, these four have “sown.”

O            (Onions are part of any good meal.)

L             Lord’s minister, who likes to help heal,

E             Enjoyed seeing homes of Shea and Ike.

S             Sincere “Bests” – to a guy we all like.

– eab, 10/1/08

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