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L  Lovely little girl of mine,

A  Alert in thought and speech,

U  Usually there to untwine,

R  Rambling bothers on my mind,

A  As I for your laughter reach,


C  Conceived and born in a southern state,

A  As the third for your mother, my mate,

R  Rejoicingly we announced “It’s a girl,”

O  Our very own contribution to lady hood.

L  Laura, you had a protecting swirl,

E  Embraced by brothers so “good.”


B  Brown, dark eyes, like Grandma’s,

R  ‘Raping round the strings of heart,

Y  Yet so bashful, and easily hurt,

A  Always tender, loving, kind,

N  Naturally playing feminine’s part.

Happy Birthday!  You made Moma and me very happy when you arrived in our “laps” on this date thirty-nine years ago.  You have truly been a blessing to my pastorates, a blessing to Hobe (both when attending there and when your husband taught there) and a blessing to the countries of Russia and Romania.  I love you so much.  Dad  

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